Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is Sunday AGAIN!

Today is another wonder Sunday, and today also Prince Siddhartha Musical last show, so after this my gf will be FREE.. Is been a while we din talk or eat dinner or lunch together cause she come back around 12 something and i sleep around 11 something then i woke up 7 something she woke up around 10 something. MISS YOU, may tzy....

Today is also my colleague wedding day too, she's malay so her wedding ceremony held in Afternoon. Aiyoh, wedding and they invite you means you need to pay.

Wedding is like watching movie in cinema, you pay then only can enter(dunno they accept kfc voucher or not le )...HAHAHA

This is the second times i went to malay's wedding ceremony...They start 11am till 5pm, me dengar that also pengsan...11 am till 5 pm..macam kerja...Then when you arrive there, you can straight go eat then after you ate then only meet the bride and bridegroom..For me, me sure eat 99 la..hahaha.. After eat, so n meet my colleague lo (bride) and sure said something nice lo and make sure i dun say "Jump lagi tahun depan"haha..

Door gift...isn't it nice..

Inside the door gift, there are many things cloth fan, tisu bag, 2 glass, chocolate, sweets, and 3 EGGS...Hahaha. i dunno why need 3 eggs le, maybe they think we will need many protein for midnight piling session...somehow me scare the eggs are overnight eggs where i heard ppl said that eat an over night egg will cause big "LAM PA" me eat 2 eggs 1st, see whether what they said is true or not...hahaha...After take door give n take photo with the host dy sure back home lo..macam ini la, my sunday...

p/s: FUCK.. i miss kampar and my "chu peng kau yau" at there....

Friday, May 29, 2009


Yoyoyo....within a blink of eye sudah sampai end of the MAY...means salary already enter, things to do when receive salary:

  1. clear all credit cards bill
  2. pay car loan
  3. pay rent
  4. pay phonebill
  5. pay PTPTN
  6. buy lottery
lok 7 dy...after pay all those bill n loan left not much..diu, mean need to continue maggie mee campaign, DEAR nvm, i got money to buy flour to make PANCAKE dy....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prince Siddhartha Musical Review

Ok, now i wanna talk about the Prince Siddhartha Musical which held in Istana Budaya. This performance got a lot of show, for more info pls look for my previous blog entry ,the show i watched was on 23th May (last saturday).

Istana Budaya

Arrived there kinda early, around 745pm and the show start 830pm...What to do, wait there lo, jalan jalan around the istana budaya there lo...Luckily in the lobby there got some booth to visit, some souvenir of the performance (need money to buy la..) some previous performance poster and clips...Since after wandering around the lobby still have time so decided to pay a visit to I.B toilet la...tot is very grand la...but DIU, like normal n smelly also..

Around 825 only let us enter into the theather, let the picture do the talking...

inside the theather...

1 of the backdrop

Another scene
(the scene photos are from GF ...thanks oh)

About the show, this performance is in mandarin with english subtitles which located above, u knw dunno mandarin very well so need to look constantly to the board above for the subtitles, my head up n down, up and down looking for the meaning...hahaha...The story is about Prince Siddhartha from royalties to buddha life, someting like that, i not gonna talk bout it here la...u also boring baca...

Wanna talk bout the back drop, i mean the background, the background is nice...very detail i can say.. Cause according to my Gf, she said that I.B stage is special cause got very high clearance..all the props flying up n down throughout the show....haha, fun to watch that...

The singing also not bad..haha, eventhought i not really understand what they sang...hahaha..this show ended around 1115 around 2h 30 min cause got 15 min rest at the middle of show...If u dun understand WTF i writting go n watch the SHOW.....

p/s: already 28th May 2009...STILL FUCKING WAITING.....very nia sing POOR now, if this saturday win lottery then song lo...RM 60 also can la..better than nothing...u guys there..pls dun curse ook...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


When i nothing to do, i always day dream about these:

To drive Ferrari F1 car and team with Kimi.....

When to Outer an real astronaut ( not cosmonaut)

Business partner with Bill ....then

Get my name listed in Forbes...HAHAHA

Be an Oscar Award winner....

N aslo be the 7th ...Hope ISA dun come arrest me

Am I ambitious??? Aiyah, dream need to be DREAM BIG free mia .....pls guys, dun said me sohai ok..Enjoy

Monday, May 25, 2009

I take pictures with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

I saw her (Dato' Siti) at Istana Budaya last Saturday while waiting my GF show start, so i take the opportunity to take picture with her...

I asked her to look at the camera ge la..she still wanna look at ceiling...*diu*

Tot wanna ask for autograph la, my show wanna start so cannot make it...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Fren Ah Neoh a.k.a Dr. Neoh

Today i wanna talk about my fren ah neoh a.k.a Dr. Neoh a.k.a ah wai a.k.a nd"Fu Four Sing Sau (Gynaecology Master) " please you guys dun call him Dr.G la, he's not, eventhought he like holes but not this much like it..ok..ah neoh, pity you, dunno who da hell put you in this kind of trouble.

My fren ah neoh

Ok, I knw neoh for 11 years. We met throught ACS Kampar St. John lo, if not how to meet him oh, cannot same class with him lo..he terrible smart n pandai lo. For me ah neoh, is a very nice, kind, GENTLEMENT, and very PURE..why i said him gentlement, is like this, everytime when we go out for yamcha session, when he saw there was not enuf chairs for the "GIRLS" he will volunteer to take the chairs for the LADY only n for guys, fuck u no time. (this kind of action is making other guys like very ungentlement, Neoh, THANKS FOR THAT AR!!!)

"Gentlement" Neoh

Smart Neoh

You ppl out there, please don't argue with neoh in any matter, confirmed, he will shoot you till your underwear also tanggal. His mouth n tougue is FUCKING SHARP, macam parang ar. when you talk with him, his talking seems got point in everything also, ppl doctor ma, sure got point lo..HAHAHA..But when he start his engine dy to crazy, you better tighten ur belt lo, cause he will do any thing crazy when he is CRAZY, he will definately will take off your pants when he crazy dy...

When he transformed into "colour wolf"

Ah neoh is still single for now (if he din cheat me diam diam pak tor outside ) the girls outside, please dont miss this golden opportunity. Dr. Neoh is super duper "GENG" in attracting female. you see the photos:

you see all girls..n he enjoy it

everywhere, there are some girls with him

Even malay also canot resist his attractiveness..GOSH

Ppl now is doctor dy lo, all fren also doctor too la, hometown fren need to keep aside..cause last week my fren jackie complaining that ah neoh FFK them n go out with his singapore fren dy...Haizzz, different stand, cannot up to par with him dy..

his doctor fren..

Today try to ask him come out on june la, he said this and that cannot come out la... i knw de la.. Anyway, wish you all the best in your future taking and be a nice doctor. ALL THE BEST LA, neoh...(FYI, he gonna get his posting in this coming 2 or 3 weeks time, wish him something nice la..n try to convince him not to venture into gynae)..

p/s: Neoh, if you reading this in KL, again..i beg u pls....

Friday, May 22, 2009

FUCK, this month over BUDGET DY...

This month very lok 7 dy, over spent.... credit card bill reached RM 400++ but bank account only left RM 300++..DIU MO!!!!!!!!!!Still need to survive one more week. I think coming week i need to eat watever in the house in order to stay alive.

First time in this 11 months fucking hardcore broke. Now go out eat also think 5 times dy...Sorry dear, i think this week we cook 1 packet maggie, u eat the noodle and i drink the soup la..ok.. i dun think can buy eat n flour to make pan cake dy..I think i gonna 'char dau' soon

diu lo...quite fit the begger look...fuck..

This one also not bad...HAHAHA

p/s: anyone who feel pity for me, can do some small donation for me..i receive it de..terima kasih

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My frens thought about Prince Siddhartha Musical..

Last week, i dinner with my fren Kin Wah and Roger (not their real name to protect their identities) at Kepong.. While eating, i try to promote my gf performance to them lo..The conversations was like this:

Me: Kin Wah, want to watch my gf performance mo..

Kin Wah: About mat 7 de?

Me: Oh, about Prince Siddhartha life de..come go watch la..+

Roger: Wah, again want to promote the show here meh...

Kin Wah: How much the cheapest ticket??

Me: The cheapest is RM 68 only...

Kin Wah: MAT 7 ARRRRR.....the cheapest RM 68, diu le la... i better add more RM 30 to watch Man U football "mou kam 7 lau", if i buy Man U ticket also ar, me also wont buy the RM90++ i will buy the most front to see Ronaldo kick the ball la...sohai

Roger: Ya lo..."Gam lan" expensive, me add more RM20 can see Wang Leehom concert la..

Me: This one different ma, got so many people involved..

Kin Wah: Diu, see Man U football can see all of them play la..

Me: This show held at Istana Budaya wor...

Roger: Fuck you la.. Wang Leehom concert at Stadium la..More BIG la!!!

Kin Wah: Ya too at stadium la..better la..

Me: *me diam 9 jor..continue my bak kut teh*

They are my fren, aren't they nice...

Bruce Lee Ping Pong...

I found it at youtube, i think he can go for coming London 2012 Olympic

Click here to watch


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My GF cakap with me again.. gf talking with me already..she forgot bout the pan cake dy...HAHAHAHA

Bring her dinner outside

order snack to let her eat till forget the pan cake

feed her rice to stop her talking bout the pan cake incident...

Leng mo i plan...hehehe...

Monday, May 18, 2009

HELP !!!my GF "NG 7 SONG" me dy

You read this...

he asked me to cook pan cake and said he will eat.
Ok, i cooked.
Purposely ask him 'wanna eat?'
'nvm, u eat la!'
hot hot mood pour by cold water again~
ok..i wait..
4 piece of pan cake.
i eat..i taste..mmMMmmMmm. nice.
finished 1..left 3 pieces..he havent come out..
eat again..left 2 pieces..havent come out..
eat again..left 1 piece..havent come out..
i use the fork to cut it into smaller pieces..
eat again..3/4 piece..havent come out..
1/2 pice..havent come out..
the very last piece.. fine..don ever ask again..
super duper damn DISAPPOINTED.

(partial from her blog, click here if u want to read all)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Most NOT Preferable things to do on SUNDAY
  1. wash clothes
  2. wash car
  3. wake up early
  4. iron clothes
  5. clean room and toilet
  6. GO OUT SHOPPING!!!!! ( main point i posting this)

Most PREFERABLE things to do on SUNDAY
  1. Sleep like no tomolo
What you guys opinions?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My ex-rommmate as an Engineer and Masseur

Today i wanna talk about my ex-roommate KK Lim a.k.a Lin Kun Kuan a.k.a Dai Bei Kuan. I knw this guy for around 6 years. As a roommate for 4 years. He is a good boy, always volunteer to help some grannies to cross busy road. He never speak foul language except nia ma pussy, ham ka ling, 67,69, suck cock, mln, mother fucker and of coz FUCK, he only speak those other he never. You see, where can find such a nice person nowadays. He really a good fren to be except he always FFK (fong fei kei) you only can decide things with him on the very last minute cause he always MIANG MIANG and then AEROPLANE..

He study very hard during tertiary studies at UM, always burning midnight oil at night to revision. He graduated as a Bachelor of CIVIL ENGINEER ( and also aerospace cause he GENG in FFK).

You see, the smart KK with Mortarboard

My fren also got advertise in few advertisement de...he now an artist, dun play play with him. He also got part time job as a MASSEUR. He FUCKING good in that, you see:

you see, he damn good in that

so professional...

If anyone wanna his service pls leave me a message, i will arrange time for you guys, ok...we talk price later, about some other EXTRA SERVICES need to ask him personally lo..

So envy him, talented in many things.....

this the story of my EX-ROOMMATE KK..hope he will be a successful engineer and MASSEUR
(isn't he handsome in this pic)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is what happened when you let your GF stay with you

Ok, since my GF have finished her tertiary studies and for the mean time, she will move in and stay with me for awhile before she find places to stay. As soon as i let her to move into my place. I LOST HALF MY TERRITORY!!! This is how is looked like

Only the circled belonged to me, others belonged to her...

Her stuff...Conquered my place about 60% in my room dy

I think later i will loss my cupboard capacity to her too...PITY ME!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

KUKU Jiao Incident

Lately, i heard so many cases about men loss their penis in some accident. Sorry ar, lazy to paste the site in here. The most interesting is about one man who having affairs with his secretary, one day they make up in the car, while she was blowing his boss kuku jiao, got lorry(mayb) knocked the back of the couple's car (who is blowing job) then the boss loss his kuku jiao in his secretary mouth...Maybe the secretary too hungry then bite is off.... Will the kuku jioa will taste like this???

p/s: By the way, the putus kuku jiao managed to attach back to his origin ..Unbelievable!!! maybe that guy phobia in blow job dy

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This incident happened 7 years ago (2002), took place at my house at kampar. This was how it happened..

7 years ago, my kawan-kawan come to my place to scan some the school pictures for our school magazines. While I was busy scanning the pictures, 2 orang explore my room. Then they found my sister barbie doll, 2 of them are so excited.. they so 'bin tai' till make some bras n panties for the doll using some masking tapes.. The incident happened, when they play till nothing to play, they tried to put the doll into my school bag so i will bring the BARBIE DOLL to school (cause they successfully done once with other things before). While they try to stuck the doll into my bag, the doll's head come off and become like tis.

the head come out dy..

they used some masking tape 'again' to stick back the head but the neck shorten dy lo

FUCK , PUTUS dy...
(and my sister still nag me when she saw BARBIE DOLL...sigh~~~)


Suspect no.1

Suspect no.2

Perbuatan yang tidak perikemanusiaan....They still can laugh bout it, GOSH..

p/s: BEWARE of them when they handling your favourite toys, if not same faith like the barbie.. hope my sis's barbie can rest in peace now...

Monday, May 4, 2009

When they Fall in LOVE!!!

The pictures do the talking....

What can you think with this? So warm rite...I think this is what jackie wanted all this long.. But i think Wei Chong will give me this when he see this pic


HAHAHA, Ah Chong you rite, i really free now, since nothing to do, so make you this picture for your memory with JACKIE...HAHAHA...ENjoy..

p/s: they never started any relationship......I GUESS...what's your opinion?

Friday, May 1, 2009


Someone told me that me looked like retards in this pic

Did I??? How bout the followings ???

(Dun worry kk, no ppl recognized you)

(Theng, no worry ppl won't knw tat is you)

(Ming same to you )

(Sissy king)

(Pui yee is that you)

(If i dun tell, no one will knw tat is mei wan)

(Haha, new gynae also here)

(Wei Chong i really canot recognized that is you le)

(This one no need tell lo..rite)

(you guess i din put you le...U WRONG..HAHAHA)

(Wei jie sorry, i tot dun want to put you de..but this photo really retard la)

(Did i put it in wrong category?? Horny or Retards)

Somebody will think why ah seon din censor her eye le..i let you knw, cause this is the TRUE retards...HAHAHA..Jackie..the AWARD goes to YOU..Congratulation....

Friends, don't worry, no one will recognize or know that is you except yourself, cause i already darken your eyes worry...But if u insist that you wan the photos removed, please let me knw it ..ok...and HAPPY LABOUR DAY... (but why the dictonary tell labour means the process of giving birth to a child de)