Sunday, April 19, 2009

Song i listened to

Heloo fren, i'm back from Genting after spending 1 night with my frens which is WeiChong, Jackie,Neoh,Engchi,KhimHoe and SiYun gambling and eating at there. Dun worry i will post bout that later, n will tell u whether i successfully win a car or apartment from genting or not..

Today i listen to The Beatles - Let it be, it was a totally different feelings from last time. Last time i listen to this song it will remind me of my dad with recalled me some memories of my dad sometimes even tear flowed ( my fren, i really a sentimental person). But today when i listened to it again, i was totally different feelings i felt, i felt sad no more but joy. It now reminded me of pleasure moment with my dad, so wonderful. I never felt such a contrast feelings on one song before. This also letting me know that one problem can be see with many other angles. Maybe from there, we will find out more wonderful things.


  1. ah seong, I know you're a sensitive person despite the strong personality you portray out.
    Hope you'll have wonderful memories to live your live. Events may histories, but the memories stays. cheers, BOSS!