Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SHIT!!! Form 4 result still can view

I think this will be my last blog dy..ENJOY IT!!!

Today my gf told me that she found my name in the internet then she clicked it n she found out my form 4 RESULT!!! Don't laugh oh... your result also got le...(ACS Student la..) ...

I really beh song the RESULT...i nvr fail my BIOLOGI, they gave me 38, 8E mather FCUKER....i remember i scored 60 somethings, and i told them to change it..they din change it yet they POST IT IN THE BLOG!!!!

Click here to see it!!!

p/s: Please dun laugh me STUPID ok!!!


  1. i know this for long time de. u r outdated

  2. OMG!!!
    seon, you post your part mai okay lo!! why post all??
    Awwww~~~ my Add Maths sucked!

  3. really ..SHIT!!
    at 1st i thought im not same class with u.. i oso overlook that dun hav my name..
    but, view it again..GOsh..Ugly-nya~! @.@

  4. aiyo... bro u should have censor the name mah...

  5. moh.....

    pui yee u overall no 4 le, wat u wan wor...

    jackie, dun worry..all got ...HAHAHA apa apa subject also got...

    khim hoe, why need to censor wor...

  6. i found out bout it ages ago dy la...

  7. u should let me knw earlier ....HAHAHA

  8. wah.. when i view it, suddenly i feel like went back to the past.. haha..