Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Overweight staff of the Health Ministry have been told to shape up

Wah, i think this message is purposely dedicated to miss cheow. Miss cheow, you so 'bar pei', even the ministers told you to shape up personally. GENG!!! Even the paper got your news ar, thestar news

This the article

Remember to shape up lo!!! later "digoreng sotong"


  1. engchi will be storming up to kl this weekend to 'kira' with you for this article!! haha~

  2. i dun think she will notice tis until next week....HAHAHA

  3. fren...enjoy..dun be so serious

  4. apa enjoy enjoy...tarak enjoy ya
    so, pui yee and neoh, dun join government ya...if u join, means ask u shape up...wahahaha

    ah seong: at least liow tiong lai asked me to shape up, u lagi kelian...he know that some ppl cannot help anymore, no matter how they exercise...

  5. engchi u still din get it?
    neoh n pui yee means fit lo... n u not lo..HAHA

  6. we all MUST join government la, it wasn't even an option anymore.
    But still malas to shape up, how?

  7. neoh worry, u shape still normal, but the lamb meat on miss cheow, dunno canot or not lo