Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MYEG services

My car reached 2 years old dy, so is time to renew insurance and roadtax. The insurance i done manually at my hometown, and the roadtax i done it online using MYEG , is so simple yet easy. An one more point, it is so efficient and fast, no need went to Post Office and queue up. On monday around 1 pm i done all the filling up forms (only one page) then click ok and pay the bill. The roadtax arrived at 345pm. Of coz, you need to pay e-service tax which cost around RM 6. Click click click, you get your roadtax dy. There are even some other services provided by the MYEG, next time if you free, click there n see got what services, maybe it may help .

Only need to fill in this page

This the package it come with

This my roadtax...


  1. arrive at the same day or next day?

  2. same day, me also din expect it will arrive that fast

  3. myeg? is that a company or a service group? just extra rm6? at post office, u need to pay service charge of rm2.. now add another rm4, u can receive it comfortably at home...
    thumbs up for it!!

  4. no la..included the RM2.00

    the cost is like tis
    RM 70 (roadtax)+RM 2.85 (dunno what charge)+ RM 6 (e-service charge)= 78.85.. some like tis

  5. wah... if same day, then it is really fast.

  6. aiyer...engchi on leave thurs and fri ma...
    dun forget engchi got 30days of leave in 1 year...hahaha!