Monday, April 27, 2009

My Genting Trip Part 5 (Last dy)

After the coffee session must go sleep lo, if not do what oh...our sleeping formation is like below:

This is how we sleep during 2am
Neoh & Seon, Siyun, Engchi, Jackie, Chong & Gaylou...sleep comfortably

This is how the formation at 4am...
(neoh started to climb over me, luckily he notice i got he stopped at that position)
(Wei chong not that lucky, jackie is so ganas, she climb over ah chong..which like tis..further 5am n 6am onwards canot posted in here due to sexual content...HAHAHA!!!)
if u observe carefully, u can notice that jackie already with horn in her head jor..

ah neoh continue sleep like no tomolo....

the gals side dunno who la..during night got someone start the engine..WTF, macam kereta api ..

this is jackie and chong, they really sleep together le..n jackie pretend like nothing happened last nite..Weichong, ur 'pig' is gone like tis..

For breakfast, we went to Coffee Bean..(my fren really addicted to coffee dy..less than 6 hours then coffee AGAIN). For this moment, all reader please silent for a moment cause during this breakfast we received SMS from pui yee telling us the news one pair of our fren sudah pecah periuk who is ****** with ****** (canot publish their name here, later me vanish in tis world...HAHAHA) While waiting breakfast mari sure camwhore AGAIN LA... (this CB breakfast, really take time to prepare..even finished kopi also haven't come)

What u all think of in this pic? (neoh not happy with the 'shaft' things last nite)

My fren ah Wong VERY PRETTY de....and she is available...(she yesterday, msn me n farked me cause showing the pretty pic in part 1, to show my compensate to her, this is only for her...haha)

the sausage n me....

me, gaylou n the sausage's'...hahaha

engchi's damn horny look and the sausage

engchi and the mutton meat (CHU LAMT YOKE)..she said is slightly only wor..

one is worst....fucking moodless

two means..fucking super duper WORST!!! (NO EYES SEE)

Chong is still sad bout the 'pig' gone last nite...

The hunter that ate Chong's PIG...Chong, u no more dy...

After this breakfast..sure went to CASINO again lo..Revenge for RM 100!!!KNN so fucking bad..lose another RM100...A BIG FUCK TO THE CASINO LA..I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN...FORCING ME TO EAT BREAD TILL MAY...

Anyway, we wen back to kl around 2 pm ..arrived KL sentral by 3 pm..So here like to thank to all my fren, gave me such a nice trip ( n lose RM 200...DIU)...TERIMA KASIH.... and also to GAYLOU.....

Your horny look, cherish our trip more...HAHAHAHA

p/s: i gonna stop blogging jor, as i said in last few blogs..more information please click this link


  1. eh... the 2nd pic.. totally wrong.. i din even touch that hou po chong..
    although make my value deficit..but is a good blog..Plz cont writing!!
    Raise hands and legs support u...

  2. these are fantastic! hahaha~ seon, you purposely woke up early just to capture dia orang sleeping?? good job leh!
    why mentioned my name pulak... now everybody knw i told you guys the news.... >.<

  3. deficiting jac's value is the factor that contributes to the success of this blog!!! lols

  4. dude, keep on writing! <3 ur blog!

  5. haha..puiyee, seon bocor u out..
    ya, u really success if ur blog is the cos of my deficit..haha cos my value quiet high.. well, u know art, got money oso cant buy sometime..

  6. jac: u are funny la....

    puiyee: orang sudah happy di fraser's hill dy...

    khimhoe: dun wat to write, so wan to stop to write...sad sad.

  7. aiyer...asyik asyik chu lam yoke...u make me phobia makan d...huh...later i got anorexia then u know.
    i tot u and may tzy ady reasoned out? tot she compensate by washing ur toilet d???
    isit not clean enuf?

  8. PCS, the leg thing was because u grabbed the whole blanket ok, and i needed to find a ittle place cos i was shivering la. Pls clarify that ok

  9. neoh, no worry la.. all ppl knw tat u not interested in men la...haha

  10. aiyoh engchi, cakap cakap only la...u ARE SO SLIM... trust me...continue eat ok ..