Friday, April 24, 2009

My Genting Trip Part 4

4After the dinner, we went into the CASINO....Sorry guys, pihak casino won;t allow ppl in there tangkap Gambar , so din take any pictures at there.... THAT BARELY 2 HOURS I KALAH RM100.00..Feel ok la, can play for so long with that 100 bucks ok lo..after LOSE RM 100 back to hotel room there FACE the WALL and THINK!!!

Dun worry, i not that nuts to waste my time n face the wall...hehe. Back ROOM sure DO some adults only can do lo.. KITA MINUM MINUM!!! Courtesy from NEOH 'TAI FU' ( he dun like ppl call him doc, so we start from now call him TAI FU), he bought a White Wine from Langkawi n bring it to uphill.

During drinking and bluffing and watching TV..sure camwhore for awhile lo...hehe..enjoy the pictures

Ah Wong the Bangali (her hand hairs also quite long de, other part i not sure)

Dun worry, tat one in the cupboard is JAckie not 'zing ji'(japanese movie the ring ghost)
That girl when into the cupboard to change cloth, she dare to change her pant under blanket...GOSH..GAN JIONG!!!

This photos confirmed that Engchi and Weichong ada jalan, another photos where Engchi lying on Weichong's BREAST, while Weichong's hand is searching for something..GOSH, chong u so "hau kam"

Jackie aimed that weapon for long ago..i think since Form 3..Neoh, take good care of ur weapon..

Sudah dimabukkan oleh siyun...Luckily, my pig still wit me...

After finished all the wine, my Fren Jackie very sad cause Neoh 'Tai Fu' still not drunk enuf..Since she too disappointed, we decide drink STARBUCK AGAIN!!! (they we like to drink STARBUCK there wor..)

All the drink is 30% sponsored by JAckie cause she WON 65K from Casino..

Neoh 'Tai fu' and 'Hou Poh' Chong

'Hou Poh' Chong Again...(Pls praise him leng chai ok..cause his hair time left not much)

3 Leng chai and one ah sau from kampar market

Front view of the 3 leng chai and one Ah sau from kampar market

*For you guys information, during STARBUCK session, GAylou and Engchi didn't follow us..their excuses is they wanna sleep.. but ANYWAY HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM WE NOT SURE!!! We the time we back from, all the bed is messy jor...

This is only picture we can found after we back from starbuck..(this pyjamas belonged to Gaylou)...Engchi u very ganas..

and Chong not happy that night cause engchi din ganas on him....


  1. haha..yer..seon, ur imagination so so so so creative ah? can be DOU YIN lo!

  2. aiyo.. beh tahan,really 'gau siu'..good description especially with those nice pic. need to give u an awards jor..
    aiyo..really Gan jiong, the pic im go into cupboard oso got!then...arr..i mou jor lo tis time..
    but the 3rd pic..ehem, Wc like doin sth on engchi's breast... hehe
    btw, i jus win RM0.015K only..but seem less gather..then treat a bit jek..

  3. my gosh! that was intersting! i missed out so much fun!! boohoohoo~~
    but seon, you will kena by:
    1. siyun (for posting her bangali pic & calling her ah sau)
    2. wc ( for posting his pic on his hand 'doing something around engchi's upper front part')
    3. neoh (for pointing an arrow to his weapon)
    4. engchi & khim hoe ( for bongkar-ing they gt jalan and didn't join the starbucks session)

    Anywhere, good job!!

  4. no worry la... so many posting jor also still in one piece... i only telling the truth ma, i even got photos to prove my statements..hehehe

  5. lol @ the 3rd pic... it looks like wc is grabbing engchi's boob xD

  6. wei...wei...apa ada jalan and kena grab breast??
    later boon sing c this chao charm lol...seong u have to answer for me!!!

  7. may tzy: u think seong very good boy at genting? he also got things cannot see light one...hahaha

  8. WTF PCS!!!
    Don't call me Tai Fu la!
    and remove the damn pic ok

  9. which pic u wan me to remove??? aiyoh, u asked us dun call u wit the prefix before ur name taifu not bad mah..rite..