Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My GENTING Trip Part 2

Ok, i gonna stop writing after i finish my Genting Trip posting, i had made up my mind jor, please don't force me..hehe...bec to My Genting Trip.

Ok, we arrived at Genting Skyway cable car around 230pm i think around 1 hour from pudu to there. Since the cable car are not crowded, feeling better already..if not need to wait again. Like normal, during the 15 min of cable car ride sure camwhore for a while de..

Gay lou Horny Look

Si yun the "Pretty"
( u can print and stick in front ur house to ward off evil things)

The only boys of the trip

After arrived at there we go check in at First World Hotel. I tot only awhile for check-in, but WTF the number we get is 472 but they serving 400 now which mean need to wait 72 orang in front ...ANOTHER FUCK.. What to do, that day quite many visitor in Genting. Wait till 420 something, Jackie suddenly noticed that some kiosk in there which allow us to check-in with it...ANOTHER ROUND OF FUCK TO GENTING.. got machine din want to say it, jus give us number...diu.. Later went into the room found out tat is a queen size bed, since got Male and Female, .. You knw la, canot share bed with the gals later they BOUNCE at us wen sleeping, so went to counter check in.

Checked in with kiosk, no need queue up
(Dunno why they dun promote the machine..Fuck)

Wah..Engchi so relax under WeiChong's arm, while gaylou looked so "ying"
, jackie and siyun lying comfortably on neoh breast

Next time i dont want to share room with gals anymore, i got my own reasons:
  1. They always want the bed "apply when only left 1 bed" (ok ma, fair)
  2. Canot open pants suka hati (ok lo, normal ma)
  3. Canot sleep on their bed ( ok too la, still got other bed)
  4. Canot BERAK at room toilet (KNN, at own room also canot BERAK..tis beh tahan dy, they senyap senyap berak at room ok, we berak they said BUSUK..WTF)
I think i continue later lo..wan to sleep dy..enjoy


  1. they always what with the bed? O.o

  2. nicely described pictures posted! thumbs up! HAHA~

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  4. the prettiest pic of siyun oso not this..haha
    that 1 in engchi's camera le.. haha
    btw, the only boys in the trip included engchi? WC le? haha

  5. wei...wei...apasai i got into the picture? jac: im a 100% pure gal ok?sumore very lady punya

  6. very lady? how lady? go to pasar bargaining with aunty..