Monday, April 20, 2009

My GENTING trip part 1

As i mentioned on my last few blogs, i went to Genting Highlands on Saturday with my kawan lama. Went there to cakap-cakap, judi-judi, sejuk sejuk and makan-makan. We all went there by bus at Puduraya. We initially planned to take bus at KL Sentral de, cause got some aunty and lenglui from kampar didn't buy any train ticket earlier that why end up in Puduraya dy.

I suggested we gathered at 11am sharp at Puduraya and for those who late will be performed transgender operation on them which mean for the boy who come late, his penis will change into pussy, and for girls their pussy will be changed into penis, and for those who FFK there pussy or spring pocket will be barbecued. Luckily this trip, none of them FFK, fortunately got ppl come late, their are Wei Chong, Khim Hoe and Si Yun. Here i officially announced that Wei chong and Khim hoe penis are belonged to Si yun while, Si yun Pussi belonged to khim hoe and Wei chong...Congratulation... Mine, neoh, jackie and engchi all saved. I really putting effort in order to save my kuku jiao de. I rush like hell to get my ass into Puduraya before 11 am, lucilky i make it..Thanks GOD!!!

Only 11 someting need to wait till 1pm(Gift from my GF..LOVE IT)

Soh poh jackie Flirting with her collegue

wait till 12pm only order, cause wait Mc Value Lunch (pity..)

Anyway, rushed there also useless, arrived there 11am but only got 130pm ticket. FUCK. Then we kill the time at the near by McD. Cakap cakap , makan makan already 1 pm then head to pudu to catch the bus. Arrived Genting hill around 3pm....quite crowded.. will continue later


  1. OmG.. u put tat photo!? the value dropping~

  2. wat value? does that exists before?

  3. O.M.G. dude, u shouldnt put that pic up! you'll scare away the visitor of ur blog!

  4. nvr think bout tat tim..shit..

    jackie u at the point of deficit already wor,

  5. seon, why u write those rude things..very very very rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rude??? depends lo...depends how you u think on it only...hehe