Sunday, April 12, 2009

MY 1TB arrived!!!

On sunday, i went to Pikom PC fair at KLCC. Went there by public transport, LRT. Start from there about 10:20am arrived KLCC Station 10:50pm. Sit till buttock also a little sakit. Tot not many ppl will go that time la, cause the PC fair start 11 am, I am wrong, time i arrived there, the hall entrance is full with ppl. DAMN crowded. 11 am already start stepping on others ppl leg dy. My gf pity, she wear slipper and me steps on here many times dy...Sorry sorry..

I went there purposely to buy harddisk de, my last few posts have said that my computer hd already running out of space. Now i worry no more jor, i bought 1000gb (1TB) western digital My Book Home Edition costed my RM390.

My new baby...My Book Home Editon 1TB Harddisk

The nice body of my baby

Side of my baby

1 TB is equal up to 440 hours DVD or 250,000 mp3s or 285,000 jpgs this the information on the box. Wah 440 hours equal to 18.3 days. Like this computer also bakar open for 18 days. 250,000 mp3s equal 520.33 days to listen....HAHAHAHA...

So excited and sad when buying the HDD, excited cause got new gadget and sad cause need to pay RM390. Anyway, i satisfied with the HDD ..hehe...When back home, quickly open the plastic and plug it into my comp dy. Then put all the movies into the HDD..hehehe.. SYOK SYOK!!!

Besides the WD HDD, i also bought 1 software which is kaspersky internet security 2009, RM 85 for 3 users, i think ok lo.. Last time always use the pirated versions until blacklisted dy..hehe, luckily my fren khim hoe sent me another software for me to use until now..THANKS KHIM HOE (pls dun call him gay lou in public ,again!!!) I think tomorrow gonna install the software.

3 Users Kaspersky Internet Security 2009

Me also bought a Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). I purposely bought it cause i scare lightning strike my computer. If you notice, pj nowadays thunder seems very weird. Suka suka boom!!!boom!!!boom!!!... like suicide boomer...This AVR can support 2 pcs, it come with digital voltage output indicator. This gadget cost me another RM60.

RP AVR (SR-1000DE)

Total i spent in this single pc fair is RM 535. FCUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i broke again......


  1. wah...RM390 is quite cheap. bought my 500gb few months ago for RM200+.

  2. Ya.. other shop putting RM 459 for the same product, i also wonder why got such a big margin...

  3. RM459 is the normal price... ^_^;; better be careful when buying things at pcfair. do a survey first.

  4. me walk walk walk walk, i think 390 ok gua...haha

  5. finally bought genuine antivirus software la