Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meaningless weekend

I tot weekend should be a nice day to relax and to enjoy.. Everything seems fine, until you did it again... I think everyone should have a patient limit of his own, you again and again, repeating the same things. And yesterday, the limit is totally over, i cannot bear it anymore, so I just burst out. You think that i am crazy or so what doesnt matter. I really cant control at that time. It really should be a nice and relax and simple weekend, before that i am with a relax and of coz excited cause i just make over my car on that day, yet you done back the same things after all.. I just a normal person with normal routine, i also need to breakaway from that sometimes.

And here i wanna to apologize to anyone involved it tat...really really a big SORRY to those...


  1. not lau gau la...f*ck busuk wangi again..HAHAHA

  2. wht's the diff between lao gau n f*ck busuk? not same meaning??