Sunday, April 5, 2009


You all must miss my blog rite, didn;t update it since last i told u what i done last week:

Wednesday - Don't know what to write, so didn't write anything
Thursday - After badminton, very damn tired till didn't open com that nite
Friday - Need to accompany gf, couldn't touch my comp at all !!!
Saturday & Sunday - Back kpr to accompany mom... hahaha (such a filial son..hehe), renew my car insurance used RM1010, since the insurance got number and beside is DaMaCai so try my luck used RM 20 then ask fren to play mahjong, played till loss all my chips to them which equal RM 30 and loss RM 10 in cash, total used RM40 in mahjong(entertainment fee). Alone in that day used RM 1070. So fast...Back to pj around 9.30pm.

So you guys miss me no more, me will make effort to continue to update my blog. haha... got one point on PSP, even my mom play psp!!!!

PSP is so user frenly..hehe

Enjoy !!!!


  1. wah! aunty is so 'IN'!!
    seon, you got back to kampar last weekend??!! how come we didn't know that? we got yamcha on saturday night wor

  2. pui yee, dont be cheated by seon...he force his mom to hold it..then he captured it de..hahaha...

  3. Thought u din bck kpr.. Saw kin wah n roger oso din said u got back..

  4. i play mahjon with them too wor...