Friday, April 17, 2009

GENTING here i come!!!

Tomorrow Saturday (18-4-2009), me n my 'perng yau' will go to genting. Is kinda almost annual trip to there, but somehow i missed 2 times dy if not mistaken. Actually my fren Doctor Neoh, graduated from his MBBS dy, so go there and celebrate with him (help him celebrate, but he din sponsor the room, so kedekut doc).

Since tomorrow is saturday and somemore is the Hins Cheung concert, so the price jet up till RM 300 for superior deluxe in first world hotel. So much being fucked by my fren saying me sohai booking such a expensive fren is KK . Me also wan to book more cheaper room de, but me booked on sunday night 14-4-2009 only left that superior deluxe room, pegang penis also need to book de la, cause since my home town fren (kampar lenglui and kampar aunty) is coming to genting and also need to celebrate Doctor neoh graduation need to pay the cost lo.

Go genting sure enter CASINO this time watched so many god of gambles dy before this. Hope to win one apartment, one car (honda city), one piece of land,one bank, one hotel, one airport .....etc.. really hope for that... hehe..pls la, my fren dun curse me lose money la. Win money will treat u guys makan makan la.. dun curse me ok.


  1. okok, no problem i give u all the thing u wan, u want it???

    ~~yuming~~~ ^^v

  2. you are so so so so tamak!!! have one wish enough la --> win lots lots lots of money, okaylo...
    no need one apartment, one car, one bla bla bla...


  3. last yr our genting annual trip stop for one year la.. this yr my turn to miss it..

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  5. wei , claimed me kedekut pula.. I've no salary la.. At last i bought a bottle of wine for everyone to enjoy , hehe

  6. im bck oso.. seon, i din curse u this time ar~!