Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FFK authority!!!

Today is the forth time i been Fong Fei Kei(FFK) by the authority...Same person, same answer. I appointment with her on 3pm by the time i arrived at there, her assistant told me she went out to meeting. This is the same sentence i heard for the last 3 times. !@$#@$^#$&%^#$^#&67....About 430pm i called her, she said suddenly got meeting, she said tomorrow morning 9 am meet her. I really really HOPE this time she din FFK me again. SIGH~~~~~~~~~


  1. nvm la.. mayb she a leng lui.. leng lui very hard to meet.. haha.. good luck..

  2. lenglui..haha, she seems older then our total age..hehe