Sunday, April 12, 2009

Canadian Pizza

On yesterday, suddenly felt desperate for pizza, since lazy to go out then chose home delivery. Me and my gf chose canadian Pizza since they got promotion which is BUY 1 FREE 1.There there got many choice to choose, besides pizza also got other side dish, but the side dish not cheap lo. You knw la, buy 1 free 1 wor, such tertarik what that promotion lo. On 1pm i call them to order, i ordered 1 regular BBQ chicken and 1 Seafood Delight.

1 pm start to order

The operator told me will arrive within 40-45 min. Then me mai wait, wait, wait, wait till 1:45pm lo, but the pizza still havent arrive wor, start to worry that did i give them wrong add cause still now i also canot rememeber the add..hehe..On 1:45pm i need to fetch my sis at lrt so i when there to fetch here, by time i went bec from lrt my gf called me saying that she din have keys to open the door for the pizza dunno want to laugh or not...Luckily i already arrived home when she called me. if not she need to hold the pizza outside while the body still inside the house. The pizzas managed to arrive after 1 hour, cheated by the operator.

2pm get the pizza

The pizzas still hot

Left side is Seafood delight and right side is BBQ Chicken

Even need to wait 1 hour the waiting seems worthy. The taste not bad, the bread also nice nice soft. Overall, boleh Tahan, thumbs up. The two pizzas cost RM34.40 included tax and delivery charge.

Total RM34.40

Next time when you really want to order delivery, make sure you not fucking hungry, if not, maybe you pengsan already only the order come.


  1. hehehe...i cant imagine if i really hold outside while body still inside the hse..hahaha

  2. aiyo.. dont have any spare keys kept in the house de? why have to hold the pizza leh? ask the pizza boy put on the floor outside le.. the boxes were not opened, still clean to eat geh, haha