Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SHIT!!! Form 4 result still can view

I think this will be my last blog dy..ENJOY IT!!!

Today my gf told me that she found my name in the internet then she clicked it n she found out my form 4 RESULT!!! Don't laugh oh... your result also got le...(ACS Student la..) ...

I really beh song the RESULT...i nvr fail my BIOLOGI, they gave me 38, 8E mather FCUKER....i remember i scored 60 somethings, and i told them to change it..they din change it yet they POST IT IN THE BLOG!!!!

Click here to see it!!!

p/s: Please dun laugh me STUPID ok!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Genting Trip Part 5 (Last dy)

After the coffee session must go sleep lo, if not do what oh...our sleeping formation is like below:

This is how we sleep during 2am
Neoh & Seon, Siyun, Engchi, Jackie, Chong & Gaylou...sleep comfortably

This is how the formation at 4am...
(neoh started to climb over me, luckily he notice i got he stopped at that position)
(Wei chong not that lucky, jackie is so ganas, she climb over ah chong..which like tis..further 5am n 6am onwards canot posted in here due to sexual content...HAHAHA!!!)
if u observe carefully, u can notice that jackie already with horn in her head jor..

ah neoh continue sleep like no tomolo....

the gals side dunno who la..during night got someone start the engine..WTF, macam kereta api ..

this is jackie and chong, they really sleep together le..n jackie pretend like nothing happened last nite..Weichong, ur 'pig' is gone like tis..

For breakfast, we went to Coffee Bean..(my fren really addicted to coffee dy..less than 6 hours then coffee AGAIN). For this moment, all reader please silent for a moment cause during this breakfast we received SMS from pui yee telling us the news one pair of our fren sudah pecah periuk who is ****** with ****** (canot publish their name here, later me vanish in tis world...HAHAHA) While waiting breakfast mari sure camwhore AGAIN LA... (this CB breakfast, really take time to prepare..even finished kopi also haven't come)

What u all think of in this pic? (neoh not happy with the 'shaft' things last nite)

My fren ah Wong VERY PRETTY de....and she is available...(she yesterday, msn me n farked me cause showing the pretty pic in part 1, to show my compensate to her, this is only for her...haha)

the sausage n me....

me, gaylou n the sausage's'...hahaha

engchi's damn horny look and the sausage

engchi and the mutton meat (CHU LAMT YOKE)..she said is slightly only wor..

one is worst....fucking moodless

two means..fucking super duper WORST!!! (NO EYES SEE)

Chong is still sad bout the 'pig' gone last nite...

The hunter that ate Chong's PIG...Chong, u no more dy...

After this breakfast..sure went to CASINO again lo..Revenge for RM 100!!!KNN so fucking bad..lose another RM100...A BIG FUCK TO THE CASINO LA..I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN...FORCING ME TO EAT BREAD TILL MAY...

Anyway, we wen back to kl around 2 pm ..arrived KL sentral by 3 pm..So here like to thank to all my fren, gave me such a nice trip ( n lose RM 200...DIU)...TERIMA KASIH.... and also to GAYLOU.....

Your horny look, cherish our trip more...HAHAHAHA

p/s: i gonna stop blogging jor, as i said in last few blogs..more information please click this link

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meaningless weekend

I tot weekend should be a nice day to relax and to enjoy.. Everything seems fine, until you did it again... I think everyone should have a patient limit of his own, you again and again, repeating the same things. And yesterday, the limit is totally over, i cannot bear it anymore, so I just burst out. You think that i am crazy or so what doesnt matter. I really cant control at that time. It really should be a nice and relax and simple weekend, before that i am with a relax and of coz excited cause i just make over my car on that day, yet you done back the same things after all.. I just a normal person with normal routine, i also need to breakaway from that sometimes.

And here i wanna to apologize to anyone involved it tat...really really a big SORRY to those...

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Genting Trip Part 4

4After the dinner, we went into the CASINO....Sorry guys, pihak casino won;t allow ppl in there tangkap Gambar , so din take any pictures at there.... THAT BARELY 2 HOURS I KALAH RM100.00..Feel ok la, can play for so long with that 100 bucks ok lo..after LOSE RM 100 back to hotel room there FACE the WALL and THINK!!!

Dun worry, i not that nuts to waste my time n face the wall...hehe. Back ROOM sure DO some adults only can do lo.. KITA MINUM MINUM!!! Courtesy from NEOH 'TAI FU' ( he dun like ppl call him doc, so we start from now call him TAI FU), he bought a White Wine from Langkawi n bring it to uphill.

During drinking and bluffing and watching TV..sure camwhore for awhile lo...hehe..enjoy the pictures

Ah Wong the Bangali (her hand hairs also quite long de, other part i not sure)

Dun worry, tat one in the cupboard is JAckie not 'zing ji'(japanese movie the ring ghost)
That girl when into the cupboard to change cloth, she dare to change her pant under blanket...GOSH..GAN JIONG!!!

This photos confirmed that Engchi and Weichong ada jalan, another photos where Engchi lying on Weichong's BREAST, while Weichong's hand is searching for something..GOSH, chong u so "hau kam"

Jackie aimed that weapon for long ago..i think since Form 3..Neoh, take good care of ur weapon..

Sudah dimabukkan oleh siyun...Luckily, my pig still wit me...

After finished all the wine, my Fren Jackie very sad cause Neoh 'Tai Fu' still not drunk enuf..Since she too disappointed, we decide drink STARBUCK AGAIN!!! (they we like to drink STARBUCK there wor..)

All the drink is 30% sponsored by JAckie cause she WON 65K from Casino..

Neoh 'Tai fu' and 'Hou Poh' Chong

'Hou Poh' Chong Again...(Pls praise him leng chai ok..cause his hair time left not much)

3 Leng chai and one ah sau from kampar market

Front view of the 3 leng chai and one Ah sau from kampar market

*For you guys information, during STARBUCK session, GAylou and Engchi didn't follow us..their excuses is they wanna sleep.. but ANYWAY HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM WE NOT SURE!!! We the time we back from, all the bed is messy jor...

This is only picture we can found after we back from starbuck..(this pyjamas belonged to Gaylou)...Engchi u very ganas..

and Chong not happy that night cause engchi din ganas on him....

Prince Siddhartha The Musical

A poignant life journey of one of the greatest men in time

Prince Siddhartha – The Musical, a full-length musical in Mandarin, created and produced by
some of the best talents from the Malaysian music, television, theatre and dance scenes. The musical received overwhelming responses and rave reviews when it premiered in Kuala Lumpur in October, 1999, as well as when it toured Singapore, South Africa and Indonesia. Over 100 thousands audiences were deeply moved and greatly inspired by the poetic depiction of the sojourn of Prince Siddhartha in ancient India. Prince Siddhartha gave up a life of prestige and wealth to go in search of truth in life, and eventually became one of the greatest teachers of all time.

Prince Siddhartha – The Musical is essentially an Eastern story re-told and staged in a Broadway musical style. Presented by a cast of award-winning and/or professionally trained performers, the show also features a captivating music score putting together classical, new- age and ethnic elements, vibrantly coloured stage design, lavish costumes and advance animation effects. Easily accessible to all, Prince Siddhartha – The Musical has gained high acclaims on both its artistic and entertainment values.

Come 2009, in celebration of Musical On Stage Productions’ 10th anniversary, Prince Siddhartha – The Musical returns to give Malaysian audience a rare theatre experience. Present to you in the Malaysian state-of-the-art theatre - Istana Budaya, better and bigger than what you can imagine!


Performance Schedule:



For further information, please visit this site..
Thanks for your support lo... ask to belanja u guys after ur performance ok...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Genting Trip Part 3

During dinner, we went to Coffee Terrace at Hotel Genting to have buffet. This restaurant is highly recommended by Doc. Neoh. He damn hard sell this restaurant .. Puji till "Hanya Langit ada Bumi Tak Ada". Buffet there is RM65++ per head. (luckily they count human head, and not include nipple head if not then damn mahal jor). The ambiences and the atmosphere of the restaurant is "thumbs up". There are various choice you can choose like local food, nyonya cuisine, chinese stuff, western dishes, japanese sushi, mamak style also hav....and of coz the special desserts and fruits can be less... even u can find ABC at there too... (sei lo, suddenly feeling lapar jor) Sorry ar, me no time to take photo of each dishes, cause too busy to stuff all the food into the mouth, old ppl always said "JAP SUEE HANG HAU, CHAM GOR PAI KAR" get wat i mean!!!

Buffet always like tis, paid 1st then makan..RM442.75 for 7 heads

This is Coffee Terrace... boleh tahan the ambience

Dr. Neoh also waste no time, continue to stuff the food into his mouth jor..
(neoh's mind : Sohai, u guys still take pictures meh, eat la, paid so expensive still waste time, really SOHAI)

Wei Chong also not bad mah, eat until jackie also terkejut by him..GENG!!!
(jackie's mind: WAH, tat pokkai wei chong ar, eat macam GAJAH!!!)

This is me..Don't think i lose to them tat evening,me also geng like them, i ate till go toilet BERAK then come bec continue EAT..HAHAHA!!!!(release the tank stress)

Me kasi aim the Salmon only lo, makan makan till wanna BERAK!!!

My fren Jackie is the WINNER!!! She eat till VOMIT!!!
( Jackie's Mind: HAHA, U all lose EAT TILL MUNTAH AR,....HAHAHA)

Finally, all SURRENDER!!!

After all of us are full, kita cakap cakap, talk some cock, blow some water.. Talk Talk Talk, then we noticed that GayLou never touch others ladies before except his family la...U see the pic then u knw...

Can u see his hand behind engchi, actually he try to put his hand on engchi shoulder to take pic..finally also failed, my fren only put his hand on the chair...And Engchi laugh like GILA ( it can be expressed by the size of her mouth)
Gay Lou, next time dun worry la... just put the hand on the shoulder n take pic, ask u to put not GRASP her boobs la...if not later ppl really think u really GAY la..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My GENTING Trip Part 2

Ok, i gonna stop writing after i finish my Genting Trip posting, i had made up my mind jor, please don't force me..hehe...bec to My Genting Trip.

Ok, we arrived at Genting Skyway cable car around 230pm i think around 1 hour from pudu to there. Since the cable car are not crowded, feeling better already..if not need to wait again. Like normal, during the 15 min of cable car ride sure camwhore for a while de..

Gay lou Horny Look

Si yun the "Pretty"
( u can print and stick in front ur house to ward off evil things)

The only boys of the trip

After arrived at there we go check in at First World Hotel. I tot only awhile for check-in, but WTF the number we get is 472 but they serving 400 now which mean need to wait 72 orang in front ...ANOTHER FUCK.. What to do, that day quite many visitor in Genting. Wait till 420 something, Jackie suddenly noticed that some kiosk in there which allow us to check-in with it...ANOTHER ROUND OF FUCK TO GENTING.. got machine din want to say it, jus give us number...diu.. Later went into the room found out tat is a queen size bed, since got Male and Female, .. You knw la, canot share bed with the gals later they BOUNCE at us wen sleeping, so went to counter check in.

Checked in with kiosk, no need queue up
(Dunno why they dun promote the machine..Fuck)

Wah..Engchi so relax under WeiChong's arm, while gaylou looked so "ying"
, jackie and siyun lying comfortably on neoh breast

Next time i dont want to share room with gals anymore, i got my own reasons:
  1. They always want the bed "apply when only left 1 bed" (ok ma, fair)
  2. Canot open pants suka hati (ok lo, normal ma)
  3. Canot sleep on their bed ( ok too la, still got other bed)
  4. Canot BERAK at room toilet (KNN, at own room also canot BERAK..tis beh tahan dy, they senyap senyap berak at room ok, we berak they said BUSUK..WTF)
I think i continue later lo..wan to sleep dy..enjoy


My gf is complaining me that i too rude, using the human reproductives organ in my blog. I thought it was just human organs and never mean other thinks tim....SO I GONNA STOP WRITING JOR... You guys can delete the link to my blog. I "Won't" Update anymore.....Goodbye kawan-kawan saya..

Monday, April 20, 2009

My GENTING trip part 1

As i mentioned on my last few blogs, i went to Genting Highlands on Saturday with my kawan lama. Went there to cakap-cakap, judi-judi, sejuk sejuk and makan-makan. We all went there by bus at Puduraya. We initially planned to take bus at KL Sentral de, cause got some aunty and lenglui from kampar didn't buy any train ticket earlier that why end up in Puduraya dy.

I suggested we gathered at 11am sharp at Puduraya and for those who late will be performed transgender operation on them which mean for the boy who come late, his penis will change into pussy, and for girls their pussy will be changed into penis, and for those who FFK there pussy or spring pocket will be barbecued. Luckily this trip, none of them FFK, fortunately got ppl come late, their are Wei Chong, Khim Hoe and Si Yun. Here i officially announced that Wei chong and Khim hoe penis are belonged to Si yun while, Si yun Pussi belonged to khim hoe and Wei chong...Congratulation... Mine, neoh, jackie and engchi all saved. I really putting effort in order to save my kuku jiao de. I rush like hell to get my ass into Puduraya before 11 am, lucilky i make it..Thanks GOD!!!

Only 11 someting need to wait till 1pm(Gift from my GF..LOVE IT)

Soh poh jackie Flirting with her collegue

wait till 12pm only order, cause wait Mc Value Lunch (pity..)

Anyway, rushed there also useless, arrived there 11am but only got 130pm ticket. FUCK. Then we kill the time at the near by McD. Cakap cakap , makan makan already 1 pm then head to pudu to catch the bus. Arrived Genting hill around 3pm....quite crowded.. will continue later