Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday - movies marathon

Saturday and no need to accompany gf, means can watch movie all day long ( no need do any shoppings) that's one of hobbies... i watched few movies, Everybody wants to be Italian, 六楼后座2 家属谢礼 and 游龙戏凤

Everybody wants to be Italian

六楼后座2 家属谢礼


For the first movie, everybody wants to be italian, is a romance and quite a comedy movie. i laughed alone at my room. not familiar with any of the casts in this movie, anyway is a good movie to watch on saturday.

六楼后座2 家属谢礼 is nice comedy. Casted by 農夫(farmer),I Love You Boyz and etc. Starting maybe quite boring but in the end really quite touching. is about a group of youth figuring out happy funeral business plan. ending with some ppl die and had a happy funeral. simple and easy to watch. they all damn good in rapping.

last movie, 游龙戏凤, casted by andy lau and shu qi. like most of andy lau movie, he's a rich guy fallen in with some poor chicks then on and off, on and off. the ending is quite nice, touching and simple. cause no villians in this movie. quoted from the movie, " happiness is like a crystal ball, it shattered in the earth, only those who work hard can pick those shattered crystal more' ya is true.. we need to work for our happiness.

that's all for continue with my psp

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  1. i want to watch those movies once i finish my thesis..dont delete it!!