Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PTPTN loan

Advise for my fren, for those who had obtained PTPTN loan to pursue their studies, please make some initiative to pay the loan. We supposed to pay the loan 6 months after we graduated or no need to pay if got 1st class ( which i din, diu). Last week, i received letter from PTPTN, which sound like this "U bastard, better pay us some money or else we ask some bouncer to take ur ass to court then put u in jail, after that, some ppl will rape u from backside then seal ur hole" likely the same meaning i got from the letter!

After I checked on PTPTN website, i'm shocked with the bill, they charged us with RM 65 of processing fee per month. 3 month already RM 195.They got their formula to calculate the damn processing fee:
KOS PENTADBIRAN SEBULAN = Baki Pinjaman * 3%/12
This cost will increase if we pay less than the management cost. They are more dreadful than ALONG. No wonder, our 'jeng fu' so rich.
F*ck. Really gonna broke this month, the car insurance gonna expired next month, need to pay at least RM 1000 then renew roadtax, then car service, then tyre also need to change, phonebill, house rental, car loan...DIU LO..So my frens, please don't ask me to treat you guys eat, instead you guys should treat me eat :Þ. MA DE, don't knw how gonna survive next month.
p.s: Hope Sports TOTO, Magnum or DaMaCai can sponsor little bit then nice jor


  1. Yala... I also regret that I didnt pay for the first six months ;_;

  2. didnt kena la... luckily i notice it just after the six months :x

  3. how much is the WD 1TB? the one im having is just WD 160GB, pity >.<

  4. I asked ah theng, he said around RM485.. u interested??? mayb beli banyak banyak 1 time murah mayb...