Monday, March 30, 2009

OMG... Strong KUKU

I'm kinda shocked, got ppl really doing it, i tot only movie got this kind of stunt...
Watch this

Viewer discretion advised, the following clips may cause uneasiness. And please don't try this at home. MAKE SURE U ABOVE 18 years old. REMEMBER!!! REMEMBER!!! Don't try, later the star newspaper will write bout you.


  1. dude, dont try this at home... or upload it to youtube. xD

  2. b4 open the clip already knew that it is not a gd thing..once i saw the guy naked n duno do wht there, make me feel so urghhhhh yiakk... DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haven't finish watch. watch next time when free.

  3. Gaylou: Haha, you also dun try it..Ah neoh also canot help u de..hehe

    Jac: Me also dunno y they do it, dunno mandarin

    Neoh: Freaking awesome??

    May: hehe, u not dare watch it at room le...

  4. ceh, it is not the matter of dare or not dare..
    no time to watch la..once i finish my thesis then watch sepuas-puasnya...!!!