Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My favourite passing time activities !!!

My favourite pass time activities is 'TAR KEI', my frens, is not masturbating like you think, is playing video games. IS Playstation Portable (PSP). This gadget is belonged to my brother which is his birthday present, since he too busy with his work. As a good brother, I helped him taking good care of the gadget. hehe... PSP can do many stuff, like playing games, online, watch movie, listen mp3 but canot make phone call. (i think if this gadget can make call too, i think Iphone also keep skin)

I with this gadget since CNY, and i addicted to it already. It already as a daily routine for me dy. After work, eat, tv, computer, psp, sleep. haha...nice. This is also my gf nemesis..haha, when i with this machine, she canot move me to do anythings. i just sit there and starring at the machine without noticing her..She always try to keep my PSP when she at my place.. so bad :(

Thank my bro.

can google too

I LOVE PSP!!!(don't knw when my brother gonna rampas back this gadget)

p/s: when you enter my gf site, pls prepare to listen to sad sad song and song make u sleepy..beware..


  1. haha...cause nvr try it before...

  2. wei!!!!!!!!!!!! y talk my bad thing!!
    u so naughty. who ask u don accompany me when i go to ur place...1 week got 7 days..and i not always go to ur place de.. 3 days in 2 weeks accomapny me so suffer meh =P u got 11 days keep playing this PSP liao wo! once i submit my thesis i will go to ur place rampas the PSP to play..don bother u =P
    p/s: tht is my site, i like to do whtever i want. to u is sad songs. to me is nice sentimental songs. u dono 'yan siong' don go my site la =P

  3. 'scold de hao'! haha, seon got scoldings!! maytzy, perhaps you just return the PSP to chee heng, then everything will be fine, haha~

  4. so fast got ppl backed up dy... is like tis, gf always got advantages...pity me -__-

  5. seon, u can ask ur guy's fren to back up u too.. None of ur frens wanna help u..really pity u~!

  6. sigh~~~my fren only back me when they wan me help them to format computer only...HAHA

  7. not 'they'.. should be 'she'.. cos there is just one ppl like that only..
    seon, your guy frens will back you up if you distribute $$$ to them during cny, haha

  8. seon..u really pity.. the ppl u fetched from pj to kampar dunwan to back u oso wo.. hehe this more serious wor..

  9. aiya... let me help u with this:

  10. psp vs nintendo ds?
    hmm, guess i'll just take out ... to join in the competition?