Saturday, March 21, 2009

INFO: MPH book fair from 14th March to 22nd March

For books enthusiast, MPH is having a stock clearance sales on MAYANG PLAZA ( previous Lim Kok Wing Institute) from 14th March till 22nd March. I went there, there are many many many many books, from cooking manual to life philosophy. Discount from 30% to 50%.

Map for the MPH book fair location

Even can get there by LRT, since it located quite near the Kelana Jaya LRT Station, operation time is from 9 am till 7pm (they closed sharp on 7pm).

p/s: Fren, me din get any payment from MPH, me just dont want you guys miss this nice promotion. :)

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  1. i just went once on sunday but time not allowed me to stay there for long..i wanted to go but i got no time~ haiz~ how i wish that there is another book clearance (BORDER, KINOKUNIYA, TIMES..MPH)in the future soon..