Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm damn RICH!!!

I remember, before chinese new year, i went to Tropicana City, the new shopping complex around section 17, i went there with my gf ( actually i went there by forced) then i saw one underwear shop so i went in. Since CNY around that time so I bought new underwear. Then i go paid, suddenly me saw the machine showing "CHANGE RM 9555168404183.10 THANK YOU". Me also shocked that time, wtf, me paid RM 9555 billion to buy underwear. The sales assistant also laughed that time.

Even hellnote also dun have this figure RM 9555168404183.10.


  1. don say tht i just wanna fill the blog la!! u r the one who wanna fill the blog!! =P
    u still keep the photo! =)

  2. u bought red g-string ker? no wonder win so much during cny...

  3. how much is that sum of $$$? i dont know how to kira leh... sa-puluh-ratus-ribu-puluh ribu-ratus ribu-juta-...????? =p

  4. May: Haha..ya, me just fill in the blog..:Þ

    Khimhoe: how u knw that? anyway, during cny not win that much la.. just a bit only..

    Pui Yee: That is RM 9555 billion, i think some ppl called it as RM 9.555 trillion. haha

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