Saturday, March 21, 2009

CHING MING is coming!!

This coming weekend, me gonna back my hometown to Ching Ming, this year is kinda early to do CHING MING. Actually for me, Ching Ming festival is just like a picnic or a gathering for a family and for the younger to pay respect to the ancestor and hope for their blessing. Flash back on my previous ching ming, is really like a family gathering, got there do some gotong royong then eat and talk all the younger days stories. After awhile then burn the paper incense then went to another mountain, just like picnicing so fun.

Along March, I can see many types of paper incense to burn to the afterlife. Variety of things you can find on market these days,like toothpaste with fake tooth, yoko yoko, milo and thermos flask, scooter and BMWs with driver (mini size), gold and silver bar, gorgor armani, levis, pumma, rebok, nikke, etc. You name it, you got it. And the most common, is the folded gold bar. Is really those things can be used by the afterlife? Can the hellnote with many many zeros can be used or valid to use? if can used, how are they gonna change if they buy something?? hehe

p/s: remember to ask your ancestors to bless you with straight lucky, side lucky, got increment, got promotion, got many many things..hehe

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  1. i want to back for CHENG BENG this year.. didn't back to see my tai gong, tai ma and ah gong for 2 years ady.. *guilty*
    i want to ask tai gong, tai ma n ah gong to bless me so that i can finish my fyp n pass my finals smoothly... hopefully i can survive through the final one month ++