Sunday, March 29, 2009

Car Wash

So fast the weekend passed, the 48 hours is like 24 hours, the weekend always shorter than any other days in the week. Just like normal, weekend come, washed cloth then the hardest is need to iron it. That is tough for me. Last time, i needed almost 1 hour to iron 5 shirts, now I need 30 min to done it. HAHA, improvement in it.

On saturday morning, i get my car for a wash since 2 months never wash it, i went to SHELL station along Jalan University. When i arrived there, i saw so many teenage boys and girls loitering that area asking ppl to have their car washed by them cost RM 10. I rejected them, hahaha, cause the car wash at SHELL costed RM 8 with vacuuming service(felt quite sorry for them cause i needed vacuum for my car that day, if not i give let them do the job) . HEHE, but quite many got their car washed by them. Later only figured out that they are having some kinda AMAZING RACE (teenage version). This is how's it looked like:

They looked so tired, running here and there asking ppl

They even stopped taxi then ask for wash


  1. RM10 is expensive lor... got snow wash or not one?

  2. dear, my 3 years old motorola hp camera can tahan also wo~ hehe..

  3. wer go snow wash..normal wash only, use one pail water only