Friday, March 27, 2009


I have been playing badminton (hitting birdie) for many years. I played during my secondary, matriculation, uni time. Thought got no more chance to play after enter freak, boring working life. Since very difficult to find enuf kaki to play, you knw la, most of my engineer frens are VERY BUSY, no time to SOCIALIZE and play shutterCOCK. So i find ppl play birdie through internet from this site if u want to play badminton and no kakis to play with, you can always go there and find some suitable team to join. This is where i first time met up with some ppl through online (actually really freak out bout that, u knw la, me handsome, later ppl gang bang me) is also kinda fun to meet up with someone which dunno at all. So go and search online and find something interesting to do.

WARNING!!! Beware when you meet up with someone, especially you are female meeting male or male meeting up female or male meeting male. DANGEROUS!!!

This blog is done during my working time, cause too boring, no mood, lazy to finish up works, payment haven't cleared .... sigh~~


  1. in the end who did you find? uncles arr? haha~

  2. haha...most of them, they are in their 30'ies