Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 more DAYS to go!!!!

Today is 25th march already 6 more days to end of the month, which means start of April. Waiting anxiously for my salary, feeling so unsecured. Got cash in hand, do things also more confident, hahaha. Actually, my computer harddisk already 85% used, so waiting my ex-roommate Ah Theng come back then go buy 1000gb harddisk. WOW... 1000gb can put in many many many many movies, can hav Stephen Chow's movie collections, American Pie collections, Dramas, PSP games, etc. Now is so insufficient gb, until need to borrow sis's harddisk to put in so movies. Pity.

Western Digital 1TB

Waiting my money come, then go for it...WD pls wait me..


  1. seong = no worries, no difficulties, no stress..
    just because of the MOVIES!!!

  2. u knw how hard i get it? now wan to delete it, no way.. :)