Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My favourite passing time activities !!!

My favourite pass time activities is 'TAR KEI', my frens, is not masturbating like you think, is playing video games. IS Playstation Portable (PSP). This gadget is belonged to my brother which is his birthday present, since he too busy with his work. As a good brother, I helped him taking good care of the gadget. hehe... PSP can do many stuff, like playing games, online, watch movie, listen mp3 but canot make phone call. (i think if this gadget can make call too, i think Iphone also keep skin)

I with this gadget since CNY, and i addicted to it already. It already as a daily routine for me dy. After work, eat, tv, computer, psp, sleep. haha...nice. This is also my gf nemesis..haha, when i with this machine, she canot move me to do anythings. i just sit there and starring at the machine without noticing her..She always try to keep my PSP when she at my place.. so bad :(

Thank my bro.

can google too

I LOVE PSP!!!(don't knw when my brother gonna rampas back this gadget)

p/s: when you enter my gf site, pls prepare to listen to sad sad song and song make u sleepy..beware..

Monday, March 30, 2009

OMG... Strong KUKU

I'm kinda shocked, got ppl really doing it, i tot only movie got this kind of stunt...
Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDDUw6Lllwk&feature=related

Viewer discretion advised, the following clips may cause uneasiness. And please don't try this at home. MAKE SURE U ABOVE 18 years old. REMEMBER!!! REMEMBER!!! Don't try, later the star newspaper will write bout you.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Car Wash

So fast the weekend passed, the 48 hours is like 24 hours, the weekend always shorter than any other days in the week. Just like normal, weekend come, washed cloth then the hardest is need to iron it. That is tough for me. Last time, i needed almost 1 hour to iron 5 shirts, now I need 30 min to done it. HAHA, improvement in it.

On saturday morning, i get my car for a wash since 2 months never wash it, i went to SHELL station along Jalan University. When i arrived there, i saw so many teenage boys and girls loitering that area asking ppl to have their car washed by them cost RM 10. I rejected them, hahaha, cause the car wash at SHELL costed RM 8 with vacuuming service(felt quite sorry for them cause i needed vacuum for my car that day, if not i give let them do the job) . HEHE, but quite many got their car washed by them. Later only figured out that they are having some kinda AMAZING RACE (teenage version). This is how's it looked like:

They looked so tired, running here and there asking ppl

They even stopped taxi then ask for wash

Friday, March 27, 2009


I have been playing badminton (hitting birdie) for many years. I played during my secondary, matriculation, uni time. Thought got no more chance to play after enter freak, boring working life. Since very difficult to find enuf kaki to play, you knw la, most of my engineer frens are VERY BUSY, no time to SOCIALIZE and play shutterCOCK. So i find ppl play birdie through internet from this site http://www.badmintoncentral.com/forums/. if u want to play badminton and no kakis to play with, you can always go there and find some suitable team to join. This is where i first time met up with some ppl through online (actually really freak out bout that, u knw la, me handsome, later ppl gang bang me) is also kinda fun to meet up with someone which dunno at all. So go and search online and find something interesting to do.

WARNING!!! Beware when you meet up with someone, especially you are female meeting male or male meeting up female or male meeting male. DANGEROUS!!!

This blog is done during my working time, cause too boring, no mood, lazy to finish up works, payment haven't cleared .... sigh~~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

6 more DAYS to go!!!!

Today is 25th march already 6 more days to end of the month, which means start of April. Waiting anxiously for my salary, feeling so unsecured. Got cash in hand, do things also more confident, hahaha. Actually, my computer harddisk already 85% used, so waiting my ex-roommate Ah Theng come back then go buy 1000gb harddisk. WOW... 1000gb can put in many many many many movies, can hav Stephen Chow's movie collections, American Pie collections, Dramas, PSP games, etc. Now is so insufficient gb, until need to borrow sis's harddisk to put in so movies. Pity.

Western Digital 1TB

Waiting my money come, then go for it...WD pls wait me..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PTPTN loan

Advise for my fren, for those who had obtained PTPTN loan to pursue their studies, please make some initiative to pay the loan. We supposed to pay the loan 6 months after we graduated or no need to pay if got 1st class ( which i din, diu). Last week, i received letter from PTPTN, which sound like this "U bastard, better pay us some money or else we ask some bouncer to take ur ass to court then put u in jail, after that, some ppl will rape u from backside then seal ur hole" likely the same meaning i got from the letter!

After I checked on PTPTN website, i'm shocked with the bill, they charged us with RM 65 of processing fee per month. 3 month already RM 195.They got their formula to calculate the damn processing fee:
KOS PENTADBIRAN SEBULAN = Baki Pinjaman * 3%/12
This cost will increase if we pay less than the management cost. They are more dreadful than ALONG. No wonder, our 'jeng fu' so rich.
F*ck. Really gonna broke this month, the car insurance gonna expired next month, need to pay at least RM 1000 then renew roadtax, then car service, then tyre also need to change, phonebill, house rental, car loan...DIU LO..So my frens, please don't ask me to treat you guys eat, instead you guys should treat me eat :Þ. MA DE, don't knw how gonna survive next month.
p.s: Hope Sports TOTO, Magnum or DaMaCai can sponsor little bit then nice jor

Saturday, March 21, 2009

INFO: MPH book fair from 14th March to 22nd March

For books enthusiast, MPH is having a stock clearance sales on MAYANG PLAZA ( previous Lim Kok Wing Institute) from 14th March till 22nd March. I went there, there are many many many many books, from cooking manual to life philosophy. Discount from 30% to 50%.

Map for the MPH book fair location

Even can get there by LRT, since it located quite near the Kelana Jaya LRT Station, operation time is from 9 am till 7pm (they closed sharp on 7pm).

p/s: Fren, me din get any payment from MPH, me just dont want you guys miss this nice promotion. :)

CHING MING is coming!!

This coming weekend, me gonna back my hometown to Ching Ming, this year is kinda early to do CHING MING. Actually for me, Ching Ming festival is just like a picnic or a gathering for a family and for the younger to pay respect to the ancestor and hope for their blessing. Flash back on my previous ching ming, is really like a family gathering, got there do some gotong royong then eat and talk all the younger days stories. After awhile then burn the paper incense then went to another mountain, just like picnicing so fun.

Along March, I can see many types of paper incense to burn to the afterlife. Variety of things you can find on market these days,like toothpaste with fake tooth, yoko yoko, milo and thermos flask, scooter and BMWs with driver (mini size), gold and silver bar, gorgor armani, levis, pumma, rebok, nikke, etc. You name it, you got it. And the most common, is the folded gold bar. Is really those things can be used by the afterlife? Can the hellnote with many many zeros can be used or valid to use? if can used, how are they gonna change if they buy something?? hehe

p/s: remember to ask your ancestors to bless you with straight lucky, side lucky, got increment, got promotion, got many many things..hehe

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Site Inspection

Today morning around 11 am got site inspection at a warehouse located in kuala selangorwith the authorities. Me start going there around 10 am since I never been there before so went there earlier. Me arrived that place around 1040am. Since arrived early, so went into the gated warehouse. Got one bangala guard open the gate for me then me went into the ware house. When i open the glass door heading towards the office, me stopped there n freeze for a while. That bloody warehouse got 2 FUCKING BIG DOGS, 1 GERMAN SHEPHERD and 1 ROTTWEILER. By the time me open the door, those K9 are looking on me, and looked like wanna bite my ass off. Me turn back and looked at that guard, that guard said "Anjing tak gigit, anjing tak gigit". Me just standing there and dont even dare to move single steps even the damn dog come near me also dont dare to move luckily me din piss on my pants later the K9 bite off my kuku jiau . That is a fucking experience, 1st time so close with rottweiler, his ass is damn got meat. Waited awhile the authorities come and chatted 10 min, then me went back my office. Dealing with authorities is like this, they always late, not punctual at all, even worst, they forgot your appointment, never answer or return ur calls, you hurried then dont. After the 10 min inspection, me get my ass back to office with 45 min driving.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm damn RICH!!!

I remember, before chinese new year, i went to Tropicana City, the new shopping complex around section 17, i went there with my gf ( actually i went there by forced) then i saw one underwear shop so i went in. Since CNY around that time so I bought new underwear. Then i go paid, suddenly me saw the machine showing "CHANGE RM 9555168404183.10 THANK YOU". Me also shocked that time, wtf, me paid RM 9555 billion to buy underwear. The sales assistant also laughed that time.

Even hellnote also dun have this figure RM 9555168404183.10.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Selangor Exco Declared Salary

"Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim may have no car or house loans to service but he depends on his RM47,222 monthly salary to support his family of five, according to a Selangor government portal. " source from The Star

My first reaction... MAT 7 ar...RM 47000++ per month... no wonder ppl fight for exco and MB post la.. me work one year also din get near tat figure...Try tis site "Pengisytiharan Harta Y.B Exco Selangor". u can see n calculate their asset. Now i knw, why so many ppl come out to fight for the post. Dunno other states EXCO dare to declare their salary and asset or not, later we may find out some YB got 2 aeroplanes, 3 ferraris, 4 oversea villas, 5 wives..hehe

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Badminton - Swiss Open 2009 Final

This my conversation between my fren ah theng and me during the match between Datuk lee and lin dan (chn)

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: lee chong wei

fak him

1 more point

Seon says: he playing??

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: win 1st set d

Seon says: swiss open?

tv got?

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: no

c online



vs lin dan

Seon says: means lose dy?

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: no la

lee cw win the 1st set nia

2nd set stil playing

Seon says: lanjiao kkk lose dy?

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: hvt play\


Seon says: means enter final dy?

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: u click the link i send u

i oso nt sure

Seon says: damn slow here

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: haha

final d

kkk oso enter final

yp say de

5-5 now


Seon says: lan jiao lee chong wei la..

later lose de

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: leading now

jz now oso losing de

chase frm bhind

Seon says: i dun look go in him

like the all englang

lan jiau

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: lol






lc lo

Seon says: lan jiau betul


theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: 11-8


Seon says: xibai la...

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: 12-12

lan ciao lo

Seon says: mahai le

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: 14-12


Seon says: theng dun bang into the wall ok

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: haha

i m ok de

jz wan u bang the wall



stil leading

Seon says: lan jiau..

no hope dy

he will fucking lose de

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: 16-15


Seon says: hope he stay steady ....

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: 18-16

Seon says: lan jiau ar...u purposely say it?

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: 19-16


2 more

Seon says: crossed my finger dy

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: 1 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seon says: fuck him

fuck him

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: jibai~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

WIN D!!!!!!!!!!!!!11




fak him

2 game 21-16

Seon says: at least our datuk can redeem himself

theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: lol

Seon says: luckily not like the all england...


theng@sg:我选择了做动物 says: lol

The final scores 21-16, 21-16 . Well done Datuk Lee.. sorry bout the lan jiao and fuck
We can watch livescore from this site http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/ very convenient and easy, since not everybody own satelite tv. And thanks theng for the update cause network slow cannot watch the score updately.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday - movies marathon

Saturday and no need to accompany gf, means can watch movie all day long ( no need do any shoppings) that's one of hobbies... i watched few movies, Everybody wants to be Italian, 六楼后座2 家属谢礼 and 游龙戏凤

Everybody wants to be Italian

六楼后座2 家属谢礼


For the first movie, everybody wants to be italian, is a romance and quite a comedy movie. i laughed alone at my room. not familiar with any of the casts in this movie, anyway is a good movie to watch on saturday.

六楼后座2 家属谢礼 is nice comedy. Casted by 農夫(farmer),I Love You Boyz and etc. Starting maybe quite boring but in the end really quite touching. is about a group of youth figuring out happy funeral business plan. ending with some ppl die and had a happy funeral. simple and easy to watch. they all damn good in rapping.

last movie, 游龙戏凤, casted by andy lau and shu qi. like most of andy lau movie, he's a rich guy fallen in with some poor chicks then on and off, on and off. the ending is quite nice, touching and simple. cause no villians in this movie. quoted from the movie, " happiness is like a crystal ball, it shattered in the earth, only those who work hard can pick those shattered crystal more' ya is true.. we need to work for our happiness.

that's all for today..now continue with my psp


This will be my very first time blogging. Most of the times, i read others blog but now I can write my own things. There are few reasons which encouraged me blogging. First is my gf, she had her own blog, she always complaining me in her blog, so now i can complain her in this same way..hehe..And also most of my frens also have their own blogs expressing and sharing their experiences. Since now working already and seldom chat with frens so thought that maybe blogging can express and talk some cock here.